ZIFA board backtracks on SRC ban, concedes defeat ‘for now’

Capitalk Repoter |  2 years ago | sport

The Zimbabwe Football Association has backtracked on its move to resume operations following an appeal against a ban by the Sports and Recreation Commission.

The SRC dissolved the Kamambo-led administration on November 16, citing several violations, chief among them failure to account for public funds.

ZIFA lawyers, however, filed an appeal at the Administrative Court last week, making the initial suspension invalid pending the finalization of the issue.

But SRC insisted the suspension imposed on the board still stands regardless of an appeal made to the court.

ZIFA has now conceded and stated that the board would stop the operations and wait for a directive from FIFA.

The statement reads: “While the ZIFA Board is totally convinced that its appeal did suspend the SRC decision, it cannot, however, be involved in a physical confrontation with the regulator (SRC).

“As such, the ZIFA board advises the nation that in order to avoid unnecessary drama, it shall for now take a back seat until guidance from Fifa has been received, full prosecution of the Admin Court appeal or as and when the SRC decides to obey the laws of the land, whichever will come first.”