Government gazettes new 100 bond note

Capitalk Reporter |  11 months ago | business

The government has announced the release of a new 100 dollar banknote to trade alongside other bills currently in circulation. The announcement was made yesterday by Finance and Economic Development Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube through a Statutory Instrument published in an Extraordinary Government Gazette, to give legal standing to the highest denomination.

The Minister stated that the backside of the note will be an impression of the Great Zimbabwe Monument and a Baobab tree as well as a gold band showing the denomination.

The front side of the note will carry the logo of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, which are three balancing rocks, a visually impaired recognition feature on the left, and a windowed security strip inscribed RBZ with a color shift from red to green.

The new note becomes the sixth bill in circulation and is expected to bring convenience to cash transactions.