Mharadzano/Crossraod Feature

Capitalk Reporter/ Tapiwa Mufukwa |  1 week ago | local

Mharadzano/ Crossroad feature

Despite fact behind the secret and unknown things concerning crossroads or mharadzano, many people always avoid passing through them in fear of carrying away bad spirits that many people believe are found at these places. There have been more questions than answers regarding these crossroads. The places are viewed as sacred and are usually associated with where ritual practices are done as people dump all their spiritual problems. These crossroads are seen as places where spiritual traps are set, targeting individuals who pass by.

This has ended in people tending to have different perceptions regarding crossroads as some see the places as dangerous. But, traditionally, some believe mharadzano is a place where all bad spirits meet, and if one passes through them, they might carry away the bad spirits from that place. From this, people now believe that some of them come to crossroads and do ritualistic practices to wash away bad spirits, which will automatically stay there and somehow torment others. As a result of the practice, broken eggs, and clay pots, red cloths, razor blades, needles, and other strange things are usually seen there.

However, looking at the name in Shona, “mharadzano”, it is clear that the meaning is to move apart or destroy. Therefore, does this mean all those who do whatever they feel at these crossroads have intentions to destroy, destruct, damage, or ruin other people’s lives among other bad things? If yes, so the mystery behind the place rises as a result of its meaning in the Shona name and this is the reason why people are afraid of the places as they see them as deadly and dangerous.

Some say the issue with mharadzano is superstitious as those things do not exist. If they do exist, they affect those who believe in them.

Our reporter spoke to some people in Harare about their understanding of crossroads and some say the places are evil and dangerous…

Although it is believed by many that crossroads are used by bad people to do witchcraft and all other bad things, these places are also used by people from religious groups such as the apostolic sect.

In trying to understand more concerning the mystery behind mharadzano, our reporter reached out to Mbuya Shoko, the Chief Consultant for Culture with ZINATA, and she said people who use these places are superstitious and the mystery behind crossroads is there for those who believe in it.

We then extended our microphone to Chief Mupamombe who said traditionally, crossroads were used for good intentions in the right way and proper channels required by the culture which is now different to what is happening these days where the places are being used by those who seek to make money out of them.

Conclusively, the mysteries behind crossroads seem to trouble some people, regarding what really happens there. There are many more questions than answers to it and people may remain afraid to pass directly at these crossroads. But, looking back to our history, our elders always encouraged us to avoid passing through crossroads as they believed that there were bad spirits and evil things that could harm one who passes through. Would you directly pass through a mharadzano yourself? Food for thought.

Reporting for Capitalk 100.4 FM here in Harare, I am Tapiwa Allan Mufukwa.