Second-hand clothing and monkeypox: WHO speaks.

Tobias Mudzingwa |  9 months ago | top

Zimbabweans have been warned against purchasing and wearing of second-hand clothes, especially those that come from countries currently experiencing monkeypox outbreaks.

This was said by the Health Systems Strengthening Advisor with the World Health Organization- Zimbabwe office, Dr. Stanley Midzi during a U.N Media Workshop on Development Reporting currently taking place in Mutare.

Dr. Midzi said whereas there is no need to panic over the emergence of monkeypox as such diseases are common in central and west Africa, it is necessary for the public to be vigilant and not let its guard down.

“Most of the second hand clothes that come to Zimbabwe are from European countries like the United Kingdom and some from America, places that have not yet been largely affected by monkeypox. This means chances of the diseases being transmitted via clothing is very slim,” said Dr. Midzi.

He however added that, as a way to further mitigate contracting the disease, those who purchase second-hand clothing must ensure to thoroughly disinfect the same before putting them on.

Dr. Midzi went on, “Another way the disease can spread is through travelers like business people who go to affected countries and come back home. Therefore, physically distancing from such persons is encouraged.”

Monkeypox is a zoonotic disease and is currently the most prevalent orthopoxvirus infection in humans after the eradication of smallpox and the cessation of universal smallpox vaccination. It is currently found in over 20 countries worldwide and has infected around 260 people.