False start for ‘Operation Chenesa Harare’ in CBD

By Online Reporter |  2 weeks ago | local

HARARE City Council’s “Operation Chenesa Harare” campaign seems to have gone off to a false start as litter continues to pile in the central business district (CBD).

The campaign has been running since Tuesday.

Garbage has been piling on street corners, a situation that has been blamed on council’s failure to effectively provide service delivery.

Some of the dirt is being washed away by running water, also blocking the smooth flow of water in drainage systems.

Bus termini have remained litter-infested areas, with Council claiming that the campaign will eventually bear fruit.

City fathers allocated Simon Muzenda, Charge Office, Copacabana and Market Square to recyclers, whom they say, are to separate waste at source, bringing sanity to the areas. But nothing has changed.

City spokesperson, Innocent Ruwende, however, blamed shop owners for failing to dispose of their litter properly.

“We are doing night shifts in collecting litter in the CBD. Shop owners are failing to properly dispose of their litter, hence it destroys all the efforts put in place.

“Once litter has been collected during the night, we go back to zero the following morning.”

He added: “We are fining up to US$ 500 to shop owners who are found littering.

“Very soon, we will be finding those who do not have enough bins in their shops because that is where the problem emanates from.

“Shop owners will be required to have a number of bins depending on the size of the shop,” he said.